The current STOHL-N lineup,consisting of D, Bill Harroun, Matt Schieferstein, and Chuck Stohl (The legendary guitarist from Damien) have become the finest group of musicians. With major influences including Black Sabbath, Michael Schenker, and Yngwie Malmsteen, its no wonder these guys have the sound that everyone desires.

The bands first release "Let it Rain," has received international support with fans all over the world. With this endless backing, the band has also been able to share stages with legends such as: The Bullet Boys and Sebastian Bach. The band is currently writing and recording new material for a release later this year. Leaving nothing behind, watch out for the Wrecking Ball that is STOHL-N.


CHUCK STOHL- Know nationally for his 80's Power Metal band, Damien, Chuck has returned for more. Unleashing his blazing solos and unique riffs, Chuck leaves everyone wanting more.

D- With 20+ years behind the mic, D rejoins STOHL-N and takes over where he left off. Influenced by only the best, D continues his reign as the "dark and powerful one." With his exclusive voice, D has no equal.

BILL HARROUN–With previous experiences in Spine and Infinity Zero, Bill has the undeniable musical knowledge that rises above the rest. His low end attack fits the heavy edge that STOHL-N desires.

MATT SCHIEFERSTEIN -The newest member of the group, Matt brings a new style of drumming to the band. His double bass attack will take the band to a level never thought possible.



July 26th @ Harley Davidson
Opening for Great White 





Let it Rain - 2006

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